Company Introduction
The simplest habit to safeguard your health,
CleanOCS mask is ‘consideration for others’

Company Introduction

Small habits can make a more beautiful world

Era of protecting each other and making considerations for others,
it is the world that CleanOCS is pursuing.

There are occasions in which we are confronted with absolutely unexpected
and unthought-of difficulties and obstacles in our lives.
There also are times for which you are totally lost on what to do
and which way to go by being forced into situations
that could not have been anticipated by fully deviates from the boundaries of tranquil daily life.
Under the global ‘pandemic’ situation of ‘COVID-19’,
CleanOCS was established under the motto of ‘putting the foremost priority on the customer’s safety’.

‘Safe habit’ that protects you and others from the external irritations
and pathogens, CleanOCS will protect you.
CleanOCS will strive to put utmost efforts to provide the safety you need until the restoration of tranquil days
in which you can enjoy the clean autumn sky and warm spring sunlight without any concerns.